Today’s post is aimed specifically at list managers (especially those who aren’t responsible for hygiene of their client’s file) and all brokers and agents who send E-mails using only ESP services like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.

DigDev’s work — especially with brokers and list managers — or anyone whose client has a database of their own – isn’t always based on simple E-mail acquisition.  Actually especially with list managers and clients who manage their own sends through the ESP’s mentioned above, the focus of our partnership is on Data Hygiene and the assurance that these clients have the ability to stay in consistent contact with their database.  We do this through our E-mail append services; as a value added service, E-mail appends are extremely lucrative additions to your armament of services.   They also ensure you deliver of a tangible product to your client:  Opt-In E-mail addresses of individuals who are no longer reachable or who have changed E-mail addresses for any reason.

On a first pass, with a full name and postal address, DigDev Direct is the TOP APPEND SERVICE PROVIDER IN THE U.S. – Match rates on a given consumer file (despite recency) are 20-30%…! 

Best?  Your client pays only for each match returned, regardless of the size of the file submitted!

The process and proposition are both extremely simple — and remember, this is not using someone else’s “list” — this is purchasing data based on your client’s list and ENSURING an exact E-mail match is returned based on your clients provision of a full name and postal address.

Here’s how it works and a simple scenario for your consideration: 

Once you are provided with a file of full name and postal data, we will parse that information against our 220MM+ opt-in records to determine which name and address combinations have a matching E-mail address.  We’ll then verify deliverability to that E-mail address and return to you a match rate…

Let’s say you sent over 100K name/postal address records for which your client needs or no longer has an E-mail address for contact.  We would return to you 20-30k verified matches on the postal file and charge a fee only for the matches received — not for the full file.

All of the returned contacts will be opted in to the end using clients database PRIOR to our returning matches, thus allowing your clients to use the ESP services above – should they choose – to mail to these individuals just as they would any of their other in-house E-mail contacts.

What’s in it for the Client?

The value in it for your client is simple:  Establish or re-establish contact with a current, former or prospective customer/client.  The opportunity for extended reach is critical to ensuring maximum results from any email campaign and appends offer this potential. Achieving the desired frequency of communication with a new or OLD customer with whom contact was lost is in itself an extremely valuable proposition in terms of re-acquisition and leads to additional profits which would likely not otherwise been achievable without a new, verified contact method!

Give your DigDev Rep a call today to discuss the potential of adding database appending and what it could potentially mean to you and your client’s profits.

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