In the data world landing a telemarketing initiative is akin to discovering a golden needle in the middle of the desert.  It takes a pro to handle the intricacies, and a detail oriented one at that. Knowing the “lingo” is great, but if execution isn’t carried out with precision and forethought, one can quickly find themselves wallowed in the mire as it were.

We’re in a most unique position in the telemarketing space in that we maintain phone numbers — particularly cellular phone numbers — on well over 100 MM unique records.    Far and away, DigDev maintains the largest database of cell phones with matching email and postal information (always a given) of any vendor in OR out of the states.  But there’s a catch…

It’s not from our side, either.  Simply having the golden needle is no longer enough.

The days of any “unique” TM data are gone.  It’s not the early 90′s anymore.  Anyone can go to Acxiom and obtain a home phone number on occupant data.  It’s no secret.  That it’s not a secret is also the issue facing telemarketers consistently in search of unique data.  Now cell phone numbers are the commodity.  Even our in house data is not for sale — legally we only have opt-in permission for SMS texting, but we have partnerships with some of the oldest, most well established telemarketing data providers in the states.  Scrub our data against theirs — particularly for demographic or psychographic elements and you have a file wholly unique!

Cheap?  No way.

But that shouldn’t be a concern.  If you work with us, you know that our ability to work with pricing is unmatched.  We own our data and our partners rely on us for consistent revenue streams rather than the other way around.

Plus, giving away the cow when you should be selling the milk is selling yourself short.  You shouldn’t be in our business if all you can do is compete based on pricing.  Saying ‘no,’ especially in the TM world (absolute the same for digital), is a necessity.  Especially when you know that you have over 85% connects on any targeted file AND either a confirmed DNC scrub or a waiver of liability for an overseas call center.

Keep it in your mental rolodex.  Especially as election season rolls around, you have an opportunity to obtain the absolute cream of the crop be it based on connect percentages, party affiliation in every state that offers voter data and most important — and your selling point — targeting elements relevant to each district and candidate, both at home AND VIA mobile data.

Not to mention matching postal and Email.

We’re not at the apex of the data industry for nothing.  This is 5 years and counting…  and a 90% client retention rate.  Across ALL mediums.

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