Are you the type of person that prefers quiet and relatively uneventful working days? If so, the 4th quarter in database marketing and advertising world is not the place for you. Here at DigDev, this is by far our favorite time of the year! Why you ask; let me explain. The 4th quarter is the time of the year when budgets are rolled out. You have spent the first nine months of the year running counts for your clients trying to identify their target audience. You have tested small campaigns to see what subject lines perform best. You have tested the results of your subject line findings against various days of the week. You have tested countless iterations of creative assets to see what performs better. You have tested, retested and then tested some more. By this point, you have identified the secret sauce.  And what do you do once you have the winning formula? As my old football coach said, you go big or you go home. In the database marketing world, the 4th quarter is where nearly 40% of the annual budgets are spent. In addition to finally earning the rollout budgets that you have been coveting all year, you can also be fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and help new clients with last second Q4 buys. Media buyers and planners have a use it or lose it mentality. They have been given a certain budget to spend and they have to spend it in order to keep it for the following fiscal year.  It only makes sense for them to spend it with the folks at DigDev, that represent one of the largest and top performing email, postal and mobile databases in the direct marketing industry.

This particular 4th quarter is particular hectic (and special) because it is an election year. DigDev has spent thousands of hours compiling one of the most sought after voter databases available. Our clients include national, regional and local candidates that rely on DigDev’s Super Voter Database for its Voter Propensity Scoring, Conversion Propensity Scoring, Social Influencer Scoring and Unregistered but Eligible Consumers data sets for their election and reelection needs. With 36 seats up for election in the Senate this year, we are busier than ever!

As we like to say at DigDev during the months of October thru December, buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Chanukah and Christmas are the driving forces behind the big budgets and we love them all!

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