Content Creation For Automotive Emails

Every dealership faces three challenges when it comes to marketing; competition, strategy and branding. Competition isn’t just about other dealerships in the area, it’s about places that sell their inventory online. If your dealership is located in Boca Raton, what’s to stop a dealership from grabbing some of your clients when they are in Miami? People will make the drive if they can get the vehicle and/or the deal they want.   The next challenge to separate yourself from the [...]

8 Ways Email Marketing Benefits Automotive Holiday Sales

As a dealership, you are looking for ways to reach the consumer and raise awareness of your promotion and inventory. It seems simple enough and there are literally dozens of ways to get traffic to your site. However, what is really going to get people on your lot and looking at your cars? If you’ve tried television, social media, and other advertising avenues and you are still struggling to separate yourself from the competition, it’s time to take a [...]

Automotive Holiday Promotions & Email Marketing

November is officially the start of the automotive shopping season. All over the country, car dealerships of all sizes will be looking for ways to edge out the competition, reach the right consumer and get people to visit their lots. Discounts, new inventory, creative financing options, money for old vehicles and other promotions will be run with the hope of capturing the attention of a potential customer. This is where you can make or break your year and you are [...]

How To Promote A Car Dealership Sale

Car Dealerships are in a constant battle for new business and sales are when they really bring in an audience. There are specific times of year customers wait to strike and they usually center around big holidays. DigDev Direct takes a look at past experiences and effective strategies that work well in promoting a big sale for local dealerships. Client: Auto Dealership in South Florida Target Areas: Miami, Hialeah, Coral Gables, Kendal, Key Biscayne, South Beach, Doral, Florida City Promotion: Weekend sale [...]