Content Creation For Automotive Emails

Content Creation For Automotive Emails

Every dealership faces three challenges when it comes to marketing; competition, strategy and branding. Competition isn’t just about other dealerships in the area, it’s about places that sell their inventory online. If your dealership is located in Boca Raton, what’s to stop a dealership from grabbing some of your clients when they are in Miami? People will make the drive if they can get the vehicle and/or the deal they want.


The next challenge to separate yourself from the competition is the strategy of your marketing campaign. Where are you reaching your audience? Who is your audience? What kind of content are they seeing when you reach them? For example, you’ve determined that your best audience are men and women between the ages of 25-45 who earn over $50,000 a year. That’s a good group to target and email is a reliable platform for you to reach them because they are going to see your brand and subject over and over again. It also helps you to establish a long-term relationship with them and gets your content more attention when it’s delivered.


Email marketing is one of the most affordable and reliable ways to get traffic and build your brand. It’s far more effective than television and radio ads as well as print. The reason is because of better targeting, tracking and you can continuously send to the audience that shows the most interest. So, how do you create email content that is going to pop and get people to arrive at your dealership this weekend?


The first step is to get realistic expectations. A single email is not going to generate interest. Marketing campaigns take months to work and require consistent contact with the client. That’s why you see top companies continuously run the same commercials over and over again. That familiarity is key to getting people to visit your dealership. Along with that, the recipient of the content may not be looking to buy or lease a new car right now. However, if you are consistently sending them messages, they will look to you first whenever they decide it’s time to get a new car.


Ideally, your content should be very straight forward. When someone receives the message, they should see your brand, your promotion and a little bit of information about you. There should be a strong call to action as well as great images of the vehicles that are available. Whenever someone clicks on one of the cars it should send them to a page on the website that displays the same car they were looking at.


A clean, professional looking email creative can increase engagement from the audience and help to build familiarity in your brand. If you are not approaching your campaign with realistic expectations and the understanding that you need strong content, you will not be happy with the results and thousands of consumers will go elsewhere for their next vehicle.

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