How Press Releases Are Making A Comeback

How Press Releases Are Making A Comeback

Have you ever used a press release? Do you even know what they do? To put it simply, a press release is a piece of content that is sent to a PR site. That site distributes the content to thousands of sites and based on the topic, those sites will either pick it up or not. Some will obviously perform better than others but the goal is to have as many sites pick up your content as possible. Once it’s picked up, visitors to those websites will be able to view your content and either visit your web page or contact you directly.

Do I Need A PR?

Different businesses will benefit from a PR in different ways. For example, if you are launching a new app or doing anything in the tech industry, it is going to be picked up far more than a dentist announcing a new location. However, there are plenty of advantages to sharing your content in this way including:

  • Top spots on Google: When a PR comes out, based on the keywords that are in the content, as well as the name of the company, it can be ranked at or near the top on regular search as well as the news section. Why is this important? If you are in a battle for SEO positioning and you have something big to share with everyone, this can get you a lot of traffic under a specific category you are trying to reach an audience in.
  • Brand awareness: This is a great option for putting your brand in front of millions of people in a short period of time. Anyone who is browsing the internet for information regarding your industry, whether it’s a product or service you offer, will see your name come up.
  • Protects your brand: If you have a problem with people slandering your name or there are negative reviews and content out there about you, a PR will be a big help in pushing the negative stuff down and promoting new, quality content about your business.
  • New traffic: As this content is shared with hundreds, if not thousands, of websites, you are going to get new traffic from all over the country. The best part, because they are visiting your site you have an opportunity to capture their information via a landing page and use retargeting.

If you are considering doing a press release for your company, remember that the more information you offer in the content, including videos and images, the more impactful it will be. Take some time to work on it because it’s going to be shared to millions of sites and you want as many of them to pick it up as possible.

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