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Resort World Bimini

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Nestled on the border between the Gulf Stream and the Great Bahama Bank,  Bimini is home to turquoise waters, miles of white-sand beaches, historic towns and landmarks, and abundant natural attractions.  It also boasts some of the world’s best diving and fishing grounds, and is known as the Bahamas’ big game-fishing capital.

Bimini has often tempted travelers seeking a diverse and rejuvenating vacation experience, and with good reason. Legendary landmarks such as Bimini Road, the Healing Hole, and the Fountain of Youth are just a few locations that have maintained their mystical status in local island lore.

Adding to the island’s unique reputation is the fact many famous personalities throughout history have lived in Bimini. The most prominent being Ernest Hemingway, who wrote some of his books on the island including “Islands in the Stream,” and Martin Luther King, Jr., who crafted part of his celebrated speech, “I Have A Dream.”

Whether your passion is on land, in the water, or in its storied past, there is no shortage of activities to be enjoyed on Bimini.

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