Kathy Troklus

Kathy Troklus


Kathy loves being a Twin and being the better half (in her opinion) of the Dynamic Twin Team. Like her sister Karen, she also graduated from the University of Denver with a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Law and joined the DigDev team in 2011 after working for some of the largest advertising and direct marketing companies in South Florida over the last twenty years. Kathy specializes in working with some of the largest agencies in the Direct Marketing Industry. Similar to Karen, faith is an extremely important part of Kathy’s life and she enjoys going to Church on Sundays and spending time with her family. When asked to provide a simple statement about her tenure with DigDev that she would want people to know, Kathy quickly replied that she loves her job and the people she works with.

Quick Facts

Graduated from the University of Denver

Bachelor of Science in Pre-Law

Joined the DigDev team in 2011

Team Member Q&A

  1. Do you have a favorite quote or movie line? “Liberated Forever Domesticated Never” Snowball from Secret Life of Pets
  2. Favorite Sports team? Louisville Cardinals
  3. If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day? Top Chef
  4. Three words to best describe you: Dreamer, Thinker, Doer
  5. What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery? A horse farm in Kentucky!