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5 Ways To Market My Local Business

Trying to figure out how to market your small business can get frustrating and expensive. There are so many options available and each one is going to cost you time and money. So how do you do it the right way? How do you get results, build an audience and get customers in the door? That’s the question every business owner asks and the answer is not as cut and dry as you would like it to be. You’re Different Of [...]

5 Ways To Increase Mobile Marketing Visibility

Some of us make fun of the fact that everyone is staring at their phones. Every day we get mad at drivers who are looking down at their devices rather than concentrating on the road. While that’s not a safe way to drive, it does prove a point about how attached we are to our iPhone or Android devices. As a business you cannot afford to overlook that fact and increasing your mobile marketing capabilities needs to be made [...]

The Importance Of Branding

The majority of people will tell you they’ve never purchased a single product because of a TV commercial, billboard, ad or anything else like that. They are unknowingly lying because the fact is that we all have purchased something based on advertising. That’s why every year companies dedicate a large portion of their marketing budget towards branding and if you own a small business you cannot overlook the value in building a brand. Personal Research Still not convinced at the value [...]

Clicks Vs Followers

When you own a business you have to make some pretty tough choices. You do not have the money to waste on trying things out. You need results and you need every penny you spend to count for something. This is especially true when it comes to marketing and there is a debate between what’s more valuable, followers or clicks? Whether you want to put your budget behind social media, pay per click or email marketing the bottom line [...]

Planning Your Marketing Strategy For 2017

2017 is going to be an important year for many businesses around the country. As you take a look back at 2016 you want to identify what worked, what didn’t work and why? There are plenty of variables that influenced your internet advertising results and you want to learn from that as you put your 2017 marketing plans in action. Every business and industry is different and you need a custom plan that will show favorable results. DigDev Direct [...]

Kickstarter Marketing Plan

The Kickstarter crowdfunding platform is a great way to take an idea to the next level. Tens of thousands of creators have used the platform to fund mass production of their products and it has quickly become the best way to build up a business with a single idea. So you’re sold on the platform but how do you make it work? How do you maximize your income and expand your idea into something that is going to really [...]

How To Promote A Car Dealership Sale

Car Dealerships are in a constant battle for new business and sales are when they really bring in an audience. There are specific times of year customers wait to strike and they usually center around big holidays. DigDev Direct takes a look at past experiences and effective strategies that work well in promoting a big sale for local dealerships. Client: Auto Dealership in South Florida Target Areas: Miami, Hialeah, Coral Gables, Kendal, Key Biscayne, South Beach, Doral, Florida City Promotion: Weekend sale [...]


Though many people practice email marketing to promote their goods and services, some don't know the difference between spam and opt-in email marketing. It's understandable. DigDev Direct makes ensures you are not spamming and only executing proper email broadcasts. Spam vs. opt-in email: definitions Bulk email spam: Spam is any email sent for commercial purposes without permission from the receiver. This means that if you're sending emails to your friends, family and colleagues, it does not qualify as spam. However, if you're [...]


Are you the type of person that prefers quiet and relatively uneventful working days? If so, the 4th quarter in database marketing and advertising world is not the place for you. Here at DigDev, this is by far our favorite time of the year! Why you ask; let me explain. The 4th quarter is the time of the year when budgets are rolled out. You have spent the first nine months of the year running counts for your clients [...]


Newest products increase reach and frequency of branding and messaging Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWEB) June 04, 2014 DigDev Direct has announced the launch of Email Plus, the latest addition to its suite of multi-channel marketing solutions for its clients. DigDev Direct is a multi-channel infomediary with unique data and proprietary technologies that services clients in a wide array of industries. The company’s client roster includes Fortune 1000 Brands, leading advertising agencies, and local small to medium-sized businesses. The launch of Email Plus allows [...]