Author - James Cox

How Do Your Customers Find You?

Before you talk to a marketing company, before you start researching the advantages of SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing or anything else, you need to ask one very simple question, how do your customers find you? That means based on your industry, how do the people who shop for your products or services find you when they need you. Are they looking for you, are they browsing online and see an ad and click on it, are they [...]

How To Trim The Fat On Your Marketing

It didn’t work, I didn’t see any sales, it’s a waste of time and money. This is what you hear from small business owners when they talk about marketing efforts in the past. The reason we do not know whether a campaign worked or not is because of poor tracking and data. If you want to know the success or lack of success for a campaign, you have to make sure you have reliable data and know what’s going [...]

Linking Your Marketing Efforts Together

Like most small businesses, you have several options when it comes to marketing to your audience. You have to determine which ones are going to produce the best results but also how they can benefit you in different ways. For example, a restaurant is going to benefit the most from email marketing and social media. However, that doesn’t mean they should abandon something like SEO. Whenever someone researches your restaurant, you want to make sure that they are seeing [...]

Landing Page Design Tips

Most marketing campaigns do not send a consumer to the main website, they send them to a landing page. A landing page is a web page that provides the information regarding the ad the person clicked on. For example, if you own an airline and you are running a promotion where people can enter their email address for a chance to win a free flight, you want to post ads all over the web including social media, banner ads, [...]

What Your Website Says About You

As a business owner you want a low investment and a high return. Anything you put money into needs to be able to generate a high return. You hire an employee, that employee needs to make you money. The same goes for anything else, including your website. However, business owners have a tendency of trying to find the absolute lowest price, that fine line of quality and affordability. It’s great that you are looking for a good deal on [...]

Digital Marketing: Know Your Audience

What is an audience? Many feel that it’s whoever sees your content. That’s actually not true, your audience is the people you are targeting, the people who you want to see your content. So, who is your audience? It’s an important question as it impacts every aspect of your marketing plan. For example, when you are putting together an email marketing campaign, you can select your audience based on age, location, personal interests, occupation, marital status, political affiliation and [...]

Marketing A Startup, Where To Start

At a time where many feel everything is controlled by big business, the fact is that there are more small businesses started each day than ever before. A big reason is because small companies can be started, ran and turn a profit without needing a big office or to spend thousands of dollars on employees and materials. You can start a company out of your home whether you sell something you make, make instructional videos or something else. However, [...]

Why Your Competition Is Your Best Friend In Marketing

Know thy enemy. You’ve heard it before and its good advice. The same holds true for business. The fact is that your competition offers you a unique advantage. They already know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to marketing. Take a look at any industry and you will see similar businesses running similar ad campaigns. The reason is because they copy each other based on who is the most successful. For example, if a company that [...]

5 Advantages Of Email Marketing You Never Knew

Email marketing has been around for years and it’s only getting stronger. However, the reasons it’s getting stronger may surprise some people. It creates a unique opportunity, when combined with other marketing resources, to put your name in front of someone who may buy something from you. You aren’t hoping that they come across your ad, you aren’t waiting months for results. The same day it is sent out, you are sending that ad directly to the potential consumer. [...]

Digital Marketing Bundle

There are literally dozens of services you can do online to market your company? Which one or ones are right for you? Should you focus on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or send out emails? Which one is going to produce the best ROI and help you build a customer base that brings in sales for years to come? How do you introduce yourself to new customers without breaking the bank? These questions are easily answered with the Digital Marketing Bundle. The [...]