5 Email Marketing Tips Every Business Needs To Know

5 Email Marketing Tips Every Business Needs To Know

There are some skeptics who believe email marketing doesn’t work anymore. There are also people who still pay to advertise in the phone book because “the internet” is too complicated. The fact is that millions of businesses around the world get a large portion of their traffic and sales from email marketing.

Those who do not see results often misunderstand the purpose of this tool. You are given an opportunity to reach someone on their computer or phone. You are given the opportunity to introduce them to your brand. Maybe they don’t open or click on your message but after receiving it a few times and then seeing your ad on Facebook, they click on it because they feel more familiar with you.

So why do campaigns fail? Usually it’s because only one campaign is done, the creative, including the subject line, does not encourage the recipient to open the message or you did not target the right audience. Here are some ways to improve your results and maximize your viewership:

  1. Don’t Be Annoying: You have a big sale coming up for Mother’s Day! Great, so send something out a month before. Then send something out the next week. Then send it out again the following week. That’s it! Do not send the same creative to the same people 3-4 times a week. Not only will they unsubscribe but it builds animosity towards your brand. If you want to send multiple campaigns during the week make sure you change it up between promotional and informative.
  2. Fast & Furious: You have one second to get the reader to view the subject. Make sure you have an intriguing subject line. Avoid words like “Free, Win, No Cost, You’ve Been Selected,” because people associate them with spam. The best trick is to write 3-5 subject lines and send them to friends and employees. See what everyone likes the most and use that one. Remember, your subject line will directly impact the number of opens you get. Beyond that, you need to make sure that the top third of the message has a strong call to action, a quality imagine and basic but important content that keeps the reader interested. Think of when you check a message on your phone. It doesn’t show the entire message, it shows the top third. Therefore, you want to make sure that the top third of your message is going to encourage people to keep reading or even click on a link.
  3. Spread Your Wings: You have this amazing creative that is informative and encourages people to visit your site. Why are you going to send it to your list only? Even if you have hundreds of thousands of addresses in your directory, why not expand your reach and boost that number up to millions? In any form of marketing, the more eyes on the creative, the better the results. It helps with sales, branding, customer relation and more. The cost of sending out 100,000 extra emails to a targeted list is low and can drastically expand your viewership.
  4. Link It & Track It: Obviously there will be a landing page you send them to. Make sure you include a tracking link so you know exactly how much traffic that page got from the message. Have a Facebook page? Include it! Have a LinkedIn profile? Include it as well. Don’t be shy about giving the reader multiple ways of learning more and interacting with you.
  5. CEO’s Don’t Find You: One of the most frustrating things any marketing agency will go through is when a client who does B2B wants to target CEO’s or high level employees in a company. The idea that a marketing agency has a special list of every single CEO in the country is ridiculous and asking for it is a mistake. Even if you did have access to such a list it wouldn’t help you. People who run companies are busy and they do not have the time or patience to go through every email and check out promotions. You want to reach the people who work under them, the people who inform them of new products and services they should look into. Their opinion has more value and can improve your chances of a conversion so spread the word, don’t just try and pinpoint your audience.

The key thing to remember about email marketing is that you want to encourage the recipient to open the message. If you are having a sale before a major holiday, make sure they know that from the subject line. If you are introducing a blog to them, make sure that it’s something that they will gain value from reading. If you are trying to sell something, show them why they should be interested in buying from you whether it’s based on price, quality or something else. There’s strengths in numbers and don’t be afraid to expand your reach. Remember; 100,10,1. For every 100 people who see your creative, 10 will be interested and 1 will click. That’s the standard for any method of marketing and that’s why you want to make your reach as big as possible.

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